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Growing up in financially struggling families, it was never easy for us to take the risk of starting a business. Despite the challenges, we remained determined to follow our passions and make our dreams a reality. Together, we supported each other and worked towards a common goal, determined to succeed no matter what obstacles we faced. We were determined to overcome the challenges of our upbringing and create a better future for ourselves through hard work and determination. Before graduating as software engineers from NUST in early 2017, both of us had planned to play it safe by pursuing our master's degrees in Germany or the US and working a 9-5 job. However, after starting regular jobs during our 7th semester and graduating, we realized that this was not what we were meant to do. We made the difficult decision to leave our jobs and not go to Germany for our master's, much to the surprise of our families and friends. Despite the risks, we decided to take the leap and pursue our passion.
It was a cold December night in 2017 and the call for morning prayers echoed through the streets. With no money to our names, we were desperate for a solution. Suddenly, we remembered a grant application we had seen for startups. We applied and, after going through five different evaluations, we were awarded a 25,000 USD grant for our startup. Unfortunately, the startup eventually failed and drained all of the funding we had received. We tried again with a second startup, but it also failed. By the end of 2018, we were left with no hope of becoming successful entrepreneurs. Despite the setbacks we had faced in the past, we were determined to keep trying. In 2019, we started an IT consultancy company with very no moral or financial support. The challenges were numerous, but this time, we saw different results. Over the course of three years, we were able to consult with over 30 IT startups, deliver more than 50 projects, generate over 300,000 USD in revenue, and help other startups raise over 500,000 USD. It was a difficult journey, but our perseverance paid off as we were able to achieve success in our field.


We work to empower & believe in power of DOING not DREAMING!
At our company, we believe in the power of people. We are dedicated to empowering everyone we work with - our clients, employees, and partners - by putting in all of our effort and dedication. We are never focused on the numbers, but rather on the people who work with us and grow together. We are ready to give it our all to help others succeed.